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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 2, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and before we go here, i want to show you this dash cam video. see the fireball streaking across the sky in the faa says this was likely a meteor soaring over texas and oklahoma. it was supposed from wawaco to far as oklahoma city. i can't wait to see the interview coming up on "the situation room." thanks very much. happening now, donald trump making his endorsement in the republican race for the white house while newt gingrich seizes the chance to pivot his campaign and close his gap with mitt romney in nevada. also, president obama speaking very candidly about his christian faith and revealing a prayer encounter that he says humbled him to his core. and why is the world just watching as the syrian government massacres thousands of its own citizens? the surprising answer in an exclusive interview with the arab league secretary general. you're in "the situation room."
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newt gingrich may give it as the gift that keeps on giving. we're talking about the remark romney made right here on cnn that's gone viral that he's not concerned about the very poor because they have a safety net. rather, he's concerned about the middle class. newt gingrich is making the most of it as he and rochl any cmney in nevada. joe, what's the latest on this latest round between newt gingrich and mitt romney? >> wolf, clearly the gingrich campaign right now is trying to sort of capitalize, if you will, and use the recent remarks by
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mitt romney. but one of the things they've been concerned about is getting out of the habit of engaging in a mud slinging match with mitt romney. gingrich clearly being advised how to focus also on his own ideas, his vision for the put to try to say positively what he is for. and they viewed these recent comments by mitt romney about the poor as a perfect spring board. let's listen now newt gingrich and you how he seems to be tailoring his message. >> i really believe that we should care about the very poor, unlike governor romney. but i believe we should care differently than barack obama. both governor romney and barack obama seem to believe that a, quote, safety net is all the poor need. i don't believe that. what the poor need a trampoline so they can spring up and quit
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being poor. >> reporter: and today with such high foer closure numbers and high unemployment, you certainly have to be careful about how you talk about the poor. newt gingrich right now polling in second place in the state of nevada, that certainly is significant especially because this is a state that proportions its delegates to the republican national convention. so they're trying to gets a many delegates here as possible. it's interesting, also, because they're actually going to contest some of the votes that occurred in the primary in florida. they say they want those votes to be apportioned, as well, as opposed to the winner take all situation that now exists. >> any immediate reaction from the gingrich campaign to donald trump's endorsement of mitt romney? >> reporter: honestly, no. i've talked to the gingrich
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campaign for some time, and they simply have not been saying anything about that. at first there was some hope that he was actually going to endorse them, they didn't say yes or no. what they said was we didn't know what donald trump was going to do. so when he finally did it, the campaign was pretty mum. obviously they would have liked to have that endorsement. >> thanks very much, joe jonshn in vegas. let's dig a little deeper with gloria borger. what's nut beginnigingrich's ca going after romney about the comment that he's not worried about the poor? >> first of all, he's trying to remind republican voters that this is not the conversation we ought to be having. he's trying to remind them that mitt romney is a pa trigs who probably doesn't understand the poor but also probably doesn't understand the middle class.
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he's also trying to let them know, gee, those folks are calling me erratic. but most of all this is a conversation he wants to have with conservatives as newt gingrich just said there, that mitt romney really doesn't understand that it's not the safety net republicans care about or want to talk about. that they believe that if you make the economy better, that arising tide lifts all boats and that mitt romney probably doesn't even understand the conservative economic message. >> because this is clearly not the conversation republicans want to be having right now. >> no. look, there they are in the state of nevada which has a 12.6% unemployment rate, the highest unemployment rate in the country, the highest foreclosure rate in the country. republicans want and should to be talking about jobs. after all, they don't want this to be a referendum on republicans. they want to turn this into a referendum on barack obama and that's what they ought to be talking about in the state of
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nevada where people are hurting, wolf. >> we just saw this endorsement, donald trump live here on cnn endorsing mitt romney. do these endorsements when all the dust settles really matter? >> no, i don't think they do. when you talk on some people, i talked to one person in the romney campaign who said, look, we've been hurt the most by the very conservative voters. we haven't won them over. donald trump does well with those voters. so maybe this will help. but take a look at this poll that pew research somewhecenter early january among republicans. impact on your vote of a donald trump endorsement, more likely to support, only 13%. less likely, 20%. and no difference, 64%. so that answers your question. and by the way, i think mitt romney didn't seem really comfortable there. did he he seem comfortable to you? there he is standing next to somebody who was a leader in the birther movement. i don't know how that will work with independent voters.
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it didn't seem like he was giving donald trump a bear hug. >> i'll be speaking live donald trump in a few minutes here. a lot of good questions to ask him about what this means, how does he translate the support into action. that's coming up in a little while. gloria, thanks very much. also other important news we're following, including in syria right now. there are dramatic developments unfolding. in fact new video from syria allegedly showing gains by some of the forces opposed to the regime by president assad. this video purports to show members of the free syrian army celebrating after seizing control of the neighborhood and homes from government security forces. and this video allegedly showing attacks on homes which have seen some of the most brutal backlash against the uprising. cnn cannot independently confirm the authenticity of these videos. let's bring in holly.
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it looks like goes from bad to worse. the arab world, rest of the region, not doing anything right now. >> it doesn't seem like they're doing anything that will force the regime to change its behavior with regards not only to the protesters, but these armed rebels. you were showing video of rebels and defect tors who are manning a tank in the streets of a major city in serial about pap country of 23 million people. this is a major and sirius he is came wlags and this is something that is likely if it spreads in the country to spill over in the region. >> you had a chance to speak with the secretary general of the arab league. they have basically thrown up their hands and saying they're out of there, nothing they can do. >> and i think for many of our viewers who followed libya, for instance, where the international community took decisive action, because there was a threat of massacre coming
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from the son of gadhafi. i asked, on the one hand, libya was a scenario where the international community interven intervened. syria, it's not the same thing. why not? this is what he told me. people will say why was libya a case that the international community thought required intervention because a massacre was about to take laplace. whereas syria is a country where a massacre is taking place and there's no intervention. why. >> i'll try to answer, give you some example. first of all, gadhafi threatened that he would wipe out the whole city. and they had the means to do that. secondly, you can say that the political location is different here and there. thirdly in syria, there is a
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regular strong army. some militias were headed by gadhafi's sons. this was completely different. and maybe there is no oil in the city. >> so what are you saying when you say maybe there is no oil in syria. that the economic motivation was whether? >> could be. could be. but we can still add to that that this is an election year in the united states and an election in france and europe is not -- i'm not going to say bankrupt, but not in the best economic situation. >> you hear directly from the secretary general of the arab league the man representing the arab world in its effort to try to pressure assad to change his strategy inside his country saying that, look, if there was oil in syria, perhaps the west would act differently. that kind of candor is rare. >> he's blaming elections in the
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united states and france, the economic situation. >> something you hear a lot in the middle east, as well, as you know. >> because the arab league was pretty much united as far as intervention in libya. syria, a different sorry. >> it might be a question of what's doable and what's not. syria a much harder country in terms of intervention. it does have a stronger army and it's more complex situation. >> and it does have the backing of iran. and at least in the security council, russia and china are not willing to go along with the rest of the members either. thanks very much. president obama's re-election chances are on jack cafferty's mind. plus why the president likes what one mitt romney stradviser saying. also president obama's candid talk about his faith. andstanding by to join us live. you know when i grow up,
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jack cafferty is here. >> as the republican candidates tearing each other apart, president obama may want to start worrying about november about if he hasn't already. new gallop say the by state polling on the president's approval rating suggests he might be in trouble. overall president obama averaged a 44% job approval in his third year in office. down from 47% during his second year. according to gallop, his approval rating declined from 2010 to 2011 in 47 of the 50 states, not good. the president's approval rating was above 50% last year in only ten states and the district of columbia. gallop suggests that the state approval rating can provide some clues into how president obama will fair in the electoral college. if the president were to carry only those states where more people approve than disapproved of him last year, he would lose it to tto the republican candid
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landslide territory. and factors working against the president obama. congressional budget office predicting unemployment likely to climb back to 9%. there's polling that shows president obama tied or trailing mitt romney in several key swing states. and there's growing evidence that the idea of the president will raise a lot more money than the republicans just isn't true. of course there's still nine months before the election. we don't know yet who the republican candidate will be. and if there will be a third party run. that could happen, too. all of these things if they develop could work to mr. obama's advantage. nevertheless, here's the question. should president obama be worried and if so how much about winning a second term? post a comment on my blog or go to our post on the situation room's facebook page. if that unemployment number climbs, he's going to have a
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real tough sometime, i think. >> if the number going down and move management right direction, that would be good. if it's moving in the wrong direction, not so good about apfair point. thank you. president obama's top advisers have been busy touting an unlikely source, a top rise r adviser to mitt romney. michael crowley is with us. in the -- we'll talk about this unlikely source that the president is touting. here's what mitt romney says about the president's foreign policy. you mention this had in your article. i'll play the clip. >> this economy has every potential to continue to lead the world. our president thinks america is in decline. it is if he's president. it's not if i'm president. this is going to be an american century. >> to which the president said this in his state of the union.
4:18 pm
>> america is back. anyone who tells you otherwise, anyone who tells you that america is in decline or that our influence has waned doesn't know what they're talking about. >> you got the back story in the new issue of "time" magazine on this optimism that therd is expressing and it comes in part from an unlikely source. >> so robert kagen who is a key adviser to the romney campaign has written a book recently excerpted in the new republic magazine making the case that in idea that america is declining is overstated, it's exaggerated. we look back on the past and imagine an america who was more powerful in past decades and we're still overwhelming powerful and dominant on the global stage. and the president has really
4:19 pm
taken an interest in the essay and kind of talking about his aides are talking it up and it undercuts mitt romney when he says that he's allowed america to fall into decline, that he's embracing decline somehow. he's saying this is one of mitt romney's own advisers making the case that reflects well on my steward ship of the country. >> he's at the brookings institute, historian there. and his book is getting a lot of good reviews. i guess the reputation fairly or unfairly is that he's supposed lay neoconservative. >> he was a strong supporter of the iraq war. he doesn't think we should have taken our troops out. wants a longer presence in afghanistan. but the bigger point here is that foreign policy right now, it's hard for the two sides to stake out different positions because there's so much overlap. kagan praises obama in a lot of ways. he liked the libyan intervention, he likes his
4:20 pm
nonproliferation regime. and so i think that's true of a lot of military and foreign policy analysts will say thats's kind of hard to get a clean shot against obama and i think you see that partisan politics force romney to kind of trump up the case a little bit or so the white house would have you say and they would point to kagan and say that's where the truth is. >> and president's national security adviser has publicly praised this book and the president has said nice things about it, as well. >> the president has said it in private meetings. tom donlan has said it in public. romney campaign was aware of the political purposes that his essay was being put to use for. so it's been duly acknowledged. kagan says don't consult the military too deeply. that's where there's a big break and that's where you'll see the conversation headed in the paul.
4:21 pm
fall or you jeopardize the supremacy that we still enjoy. >> the banner this man is busting wall street. excellent cover story. thanks very much. president obama opens up very movingly about his faith. you'll hear him describe his spiritual journey, what he says has humbled him to his core. and why did donald trump choose to endorse mitt romney? he'll join us this hour. and prince william arrives at his next military assignment. why residents there are not necessarily all that happy to see him. to think about your money... ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you,
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there's a huge increase in the government's no fly list. what's going on? >> that's right, the number of people banned from flying doubled in the last year from 10,000 to about 21,000. the jump can be attributed to a change in policy. the government now bans people who are deemed a threat to national security, not just a threat to crash a plane. analysts can also now use a single credible source to recommend someone on the watch list. mortgage rates are at an all-time low with the average 30 year fixed rate now under 3.9%. president obama says he wants all borrowers to have those low rates and if his new plan passes congress, homeowners will save an average muchof $3,000 a year refinance pentagon. and it is so cold in eastern europe people are actually
4:26 pm
dying. 65 have died from the freezing conditions, many of whom are homeless. more than 1,000 in the area are seeking help for hypothermia and frostbite. air from siberia is causing the unusually frigid conditions. and prince william six week deployment to the fatalk land islands is under way. but arrest gene tina's foreign ministry say he's there wearing the uniform of a conquer you are. they went to war over the falkland islands in '92. the president of the united states speaking candidly at the national prayer breakfast today and recalling one prayer encounter that he says humbled will him to his core. and donald trump standing by to join us live in the situation room to talk about his endorsement today of mitt romney. what impact will that really have? if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
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president obama talking openly and surprisingly candidly about his christian faith at the annual prayer breakfast. he shared that he prays regularly and he described a humble meeting with the reverend billy graham. he also spoke about the christian obligation to help the poor. mitt romney sparked by saying he's more concerned about the middle class than the very poor. >> it's also about the biblical care to care for the least of these, for the poor. for those at the margins of our society. to answer the responsibility we're given in proverbs to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. mark read a letter from billy
4:31 pm
graham, and it took me back to one of the great honors of my life, which was visiting reverend graham at his retreat in north carolina. and we had a wonderful conversation. before i left, reverend graham started praying for me as he had prayed for so many presidents before me. and when he finished praying, i felt the urge to pray for him. i didn't really know what to say. what do you pray for when it comes to the man who has prayed for so many. but like that verse in romans, the holy spirit interceded when i didn't know quite what to say. and so i prayed. briefly. but i prayed from the heart. i don't have the intellectual capacity or the lung capacity of some of my great preacher friends here to pray for a long
4:32 pm
time, but i prayed. and we ended with an embrace and a warm good-bye and i thought about that moment all the way down the mountain. and i've thought about it in the many days since. because i thought about my own spiritual journey. growing up in a household that wasn't particularly religious. going nthrough my own period of doubt and confusion. finding christ when i wasn't even looking for him so many years ago. possessing so many shortcomings that had been overcome by the simple grace of god. and the fact that i would ever be on top of a mountain saying a prayer for billy graham, a man whose faith had changed the world and sustained him through triumphs and tragedies and movements and milestones.
4:33 pm
that simple fact humbled me to my core. i've fallen on my knees are great regularity since that moment asking god for guidance not just in my personal life and my christian walk, but this the life of this nation and in the values that hold us together and keep us strong. i know that he will guide us. he always has. and he always will. and he pray his richest blessings on each of you in the days ahead. >> president of the united states at the national prayer breakfast earlier today. in the last hour, mitt romney picked up a big name endorsement. why does donald trump think mitt romney is the strongest challenger to president obama? we'll discuss right here in "the situation room" when we come back.
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date of birth donald trump is backing mitt romney. he made the endorsement in las vegas and he's joining us live right here in "the situation room." thanks very much for coming in.
4:37 pm
>> absolutely, wolf. >> i was a little surprised that you endorsed mitt romney because not everything you always said about him was positive. i'll play a clip of what you told candy crowley back in april. >> mitt romney is a basically small business guy. if you really think about it. he was a hedge fund, he was a fund guy. he walked away with some money from a very good company that he didn't create. he worked there. he didn't create. >> did he create compani he did. >> he'd close companies, he'd get rid of jobs. >> so what happened between april and now? >> first of all, it is political talk. and second of all, he has done a great job. and i've done a good job and i've created a big company and he's done a really good job and put a lot of people to work. i also had never met him until that point. i really didn't get to know him really until the last couple of months. and that was a long time prioring to my getting to know
4:38 pm
him. but i have gotten to know him and he's a terrific guy. i don't know if he really comes out like he really is in person. he's a warm, smart, tough cookie and that's what this country needs. we need somebody that's tough, that will stop china and opec and all these other nations from just ripping us up. and i think he can do it. >> this notion that when he was running bain capital and having all these firms that was a lots that's not a big deal anymore? >> he's really saved a lot of companies. bain capital, these guys, they take over really in many cases troubled companies. and many of those companies went on to become great companies. so you can always have the exception to the rule. but he saved a lot of companies and created a lot of jobs. >> are you now going to back up your words with a lot of money -- you're obviously a very rich guy. are you going to start giving him lots of money or his super
4:39 pm
pac, if you will? >> i'll do whatever is necessary. i think he's a terrific guy. i think he'll be a terrific president and lead the country in the right direction. we're going in the wrong direction right now. chief of the cbo said that unemployment will be at 9.2% next year which was shocking and that our growth had been reduced to 1% if we're lucky. so when i see what's going on with this country and then i see all of opec and china, how they're taking advantage of us, i will do whatever's mess to get him elected. >> i ask the question because you're in vegas. are you going to be for mitt romney what the owner of the extra knvenetian is for nulewt gingrich? >> number one, ease raishe does
4:40 pm
anything like that. and i do like newt, but i don't think mitt needs lots of money. but i'll certainly do whatever is necessary. whether they want knee make speeches, contribute, raise money, i'll do whatever i have to do. we need somebody great as a president. i think he'll be a great president. >> ron paul clearly disagrees with you. he issued a statement following your endorsement please explain to republican voters in nevada why they should consider the opinion of a billionaire from new york who endorsed the archenemy of all republicans in nevada and really the enemy of all republicans in the united states. he's rfring i gue inrfring i gu reid. >> i'm friendly with many republican, democrats and frankly many independents. frankly, the way you have glid lock in washington is disgraceful. i have many friends that are democrats, many friends that are
4:41 pm
republicans. and, look, i appreciate what ron paul says, but the fact is i have lots of good relationships on both sides of the aisle and i think that's what you need today. washington is total gridlock. >> a few weeks ago, you registered as an independent in new york, no longer as a republican because you wanted to leave open the option potentially of running for president after the season ends for the apprentice. you wanted to leave open the option of running as an i said. so does this now mean that option is gone? >> it certainly would be gone if mitt wins and i hope he gets the nomination and i hope he goes on to do a great job respect win the presidency and become a great president. obviously i'm not going to endorse somebody and run against him. that would be a story that even you would love. >> if he doesn't get the nomination, let's say newt gingrich gets the nomination, would you consider running? >> well, then the options are
4:42 pm
always open. as you know, the laws prohibit me essentially from running during the course of the apprentice. but on may 17th, when we have our finale, i can do whatever i want to do. but i don't think that will happen. it was never my first choice and i told you a number of times i always wanted to endorse somebody and have that somebody go out, beat bom and become a great president. >> remember the debate you were going to moderate. newt gingrich accepted, mitt romney declined. was that a factor at all? >> when he declined, you have to understand and i told you this this, he called me. he couldn't have been nicer. and he really would have done it if i had asked him to do it. he was leading. he was doing well. and i understood the reasons and i didn't put any -- i really put no arm twisting, no anything on. and he decided that if he had the option, he wouldn't do it. and i said that's fine.
4:43 pm
he was very nice, couldn't have been nicer and so was newt oink. they were great. >> did any of the four left standing actually lobby you and ask you to support them? >> well, yes. and obviously newt and mitt were the ones that i was most interested in. but the answer is yes. they all wanted my support, not because i'm a nice person, i think i am, about you pot because i'm a nice person. people see that i understand what's going on in the world. they see that i have the ability not to allow people in this country to get ripped off. and pretty soon we won't be a great country. there are those who say we're not a great country right now. we owe more than $15 trillion. we're this debt. we borrow from china. in three or four years, china will be a greater economic power than us because of what's
4:44 pm
happening. so people realize i understand that and i carry a lot of votes because really simply people tired of being ripped off. and that's what's happening. we're being ripped off. >> did you give newt gingrich a call to give him a heads up on your decision? >> i called him twice last night. i hope it was the right number. i like him a lot. he's a friend of mine. i like him a lot. >> there was a poll came out opinion of donald trump, 31%, unfairable 64%, 5% unsure. so here's the question. is this going to help mitt romney your endorsement or hurt mitt romney? >> i guess it's going to help because everyone wants it. when i was thinking of running, meet the press did a poll and i
4:45 pm
was number one the day before i skied to go and do the apprentice which unfortunately took me out of will because i actually enjoyed it. i was leading in all the polls. a recent poll came out of which independent would you most like to see run and i was easily number one in that one. so you can quote all you want, but the polls that matter are those two polls. when i was running, i was number one the day before i left. check out meet the president, your favorite show. >> my favorite show is the situation room, but that's another story. let's talk about controversial comments he made yesterday. he told soledad o'brien this. it's caused some controversy. listen to this. >> i'm in this race because i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. >> the wrap against him is that he doesn't necessarily connect with average folks out there. do have a problem with what he
4:46 pm
said yesterday? >> i think it was very unfair reporting actually because he said i have a safety net and i'll fix it if necessary. and i thought that was -- there are many people that don't understand what the press is talking about. i always did nicely in english and if you set that sentence run on, as did he, some people don't let it run on, there was something nothing -- it could have been said differently, i guess. everything could be said differently. but he talked about a safety net and he talked about fixing it if he had to. >> it comes on the heels of another comment that would be a reel for the democrats going into november, like to fire people who don't provide services, you like to fire people as we all know, as well, from time to time. >> sure. but the firing was very unfair, too. because if you let that sentence run on, he was talking about insurance companies.
4:47 pm
and i saw ads that were made, i think obama's people made an ad and up a couple other people where they ended it after the word fire. and that was unfair. so i think it's very unfair reporting. >> you're waiting now just to wrap it up, you're waiting to hear from the romney campaign whether you're going to give speeches on his behalf, organize fund-raisers on his behalf or just write big checks on his behalf. is that what we can anticipate? >> i don't know what to anticipate. i gave my endorsement to mitt romney. i think he'll do a great job against obama. if he debates the way he's been debating and if he campaigns the way he's campaigning, i think he'll beat obama. i think easily because obama has been a terrible president. so i think he'll actually beat obama and, you know, i'm very proud. as far as doing, i'll do whatever i have to do. if they want me to make a
4:48 pm
speech, i'll make a speech. i'll do whatever i have to do. sgln. >> >> donald trump, thanks very much for coming in. the attorney general of the united states heads to capitol hill and finds himself under fire. what made one republican lawmaker threaten to hold him in contempt of congress? plus one of the ways mitt romney made money has significant tax implications. erin burnett is investigating. she's coming up. my job is to find the next big sound.
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let's get to our strategy session. done donald trump, does this help or hurt? >> what a master salesman. this guy knows exactly when to seize center stage and make a big moment. whether this help? kre. usually endorsements don't because voters have so much information. but this hendorsement matters b newt gingrich is running as the
4:52 pm
outsider. he says it's the washington establishment trying to stop him. this changes the game because romney has someone who is the ultimate outsider, donald trump. he's the hand grenade under washington's door. so now romney has somebody that's thes at the very heart of newt's argument. i don't think romney could have gotten a better endorsement. maybe sarah palin. >> according to "forbes magazine," he's worth $3 billion. so if he wants to write checks to those pro romney super pacs, that's small poe ptatoes for hi. >> i think it could absolutely hurt. i thought i heard him flip-flop on mitt romney, so i see two peas in a pod. they're both in the 1%. and, hey, they both like it fire people. so there you have it. >> in april, he said some not so nice things about mitt romney.
4:53 pm
he says that was politics. >> it is. but the early playoff games, you might have your home team. but later as the playoffs go on, you may not have your original choices you want. he has said that he's gotten to know mitt romney and that's important. i've had the opportunity to get to though romney, 00. there is somebody there that is a man of faith, a man of contact. worked with him four years ago so i can understand how getting to know someone like that gives you a little insight. and trump is about economics. he sees a country in decline, he wants to reverse it. he's looking for a businessman who can get that done. >> so the heels of his unfortunate comment about not being concerned about the very poor -- >> which was not exactly what he said. >> he said if it needs repaired, they'll fix it. >> his own plan eviscerates the safety net. and the second thing is this isn't the first time that he makes unfortunate comments like
4:54 pm
this. when you have somebody whose comments easily roll off the tongue, not wanting to help middle class families with a tax cut worth $1500, that is something that at the get level of middle class and working class americans, they'll look at this guy and say this guy is not somebody who can understand what i'm going through and donald trump's endorsementnd scores that. >> i don't think it will have that kind of effect at all. maria may never have slipped up, but most americans have now and then. >> now and then, that's the problem. >> what's important is that mitt romney had a big victory in florida. he needs to translate that into national momentum. >> we'll of course have live coverage this nein nevada. thank you. a hearing pits republicans against the attorney general of the united states. >> that kind of question i think
4:55 pm
is, frankly, and, again -- i think that's beneath a mefb congress. >> you'll hear what one lawmaker asked that got that direct response from eric holder. and new information you've never heard before about facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg. to think about your money...r ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight, a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, so you can make better decisions and live achievement. a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery.
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jack cafferty's back with the cafferty file. >> the question is how worried should president obama be about winning a second material. david in virginia writes he should be very worried. when your performance in leading the country is so bad and you can only blame your predecessor people start to wonder four more years of what? that's where i am. this hasn't worked and if he's reelected, there's no reason to think anything's going to change. george writes from italy, global enterprise this cafferty file, obama should not worry about winning a second term, the republican candidates are strange beings. we should be the ones worrying and afraid. dan writes he should be concerned as all incumbents should be, however he's in a position that no president since fdr has had to face.
4:59 pm
he's been facing a do nothing congress of historic proportions, half of it deliberately blocking every bill that's ever been proposed to help jobs and the economy. it's amazing that he's done what he has. david write i can't say see how. the republican party is clearly might go but pro american anymore. pro white, pro religion, pro rich people, but not pro american. felicity writes solyndra, fath and furious, trillions in debt, unemployment unchanged, if sprb not shaking in his boots, he should be. also, he promotes class wear far and envy towards rich people 1k3e except the one wlos give billions to his campaign. joe brings if romney is his opponent, the president has nothing to koer about. mitt romney is a dolt, a vapid man with very few ideas. obama is beatable, but not by this guy. if you want on read more, go to
5:00 pm
cnn daum sl file. here in "the situation room," guns, murder and growing pressure on the attorney general of the united states to resign. the fast and furious controversy is pitting republicans against democrats and it's getting very mean and very personal. also, new backlash against the leading breast cancer decision to cut funds to planned participants hoo parenthood. and facebook's financial secrets revealed. wait until you hear about the huge profits at stake now that the public is going public including 1,000 employees set to become millionaires overnight. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. breaking news political headlines an jed joaeanne moos
5:01 pm
straight ahead. you're in "the situation room." a one side a key member of president obama's cabinet, eric holder, on the other are republicans in a powerful house committee demanding answers in the wake of the government's controversial gun running sting proceedings known as fast and furious. let's get straight to brian todd with the latest. what a day on capitol hill. >> certainly was. this was eric holder's sixth appearance before congress. he was grilled for more than four hours today, but his headaches in this case seem hard from over. >> under growing republican pressure to resign, the threat of a contempt of congress charge hanging over his head, the attorney general endure what is may be his most contentious hearing yet over operation fast and furious. the gun tracking program botched
5:02 pm
by the atf. thousands of ak-47s and other guns lost, many carried into mexico and used thin violent crimes. it gets personal when eric holder is questioned about the 2010 murder of border control officer brian terry. guns from fast and furious discovered near his body. >> how many more agents would have had to die as a part of operation fast and furious for you to take responsibility? >> i'm not claiming to be a perfect person or a perfect attorney general. i get up every day and try to do the best job i have, i have great faith in the people who work in the department. and that kind of of question i think is, frankly, and, again -- i think that's beneath a member of congress. >> holder's deputies are accused of knowing about fast and furious long before terry's death. which they deny. he says he didn't know about the program until more than a month after the murder. >> come on.
5:03 pm
you don't learn about a gun walking operation ongoing in your department? and i'm supposed to tell my constituency that that's the facts? i have a hard time believing that. >> in the absence of an indication that these inappropriate tactics were used, you have here a tragic death connected to and ongoing federal matter, ongoing investigation. unfortunately, that happens all the time. >> one congressman cites what he believes is a pattern of deception going back to the clinton justice department. holder's response -- >> that was among one of the worst things i've ever seen in congress. in some ways what did you was fundamentally unfair. just not right. >> now chief republican investigator threatening to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress if he doesn't produce additional documents within a week. one expert says that could lead to a legal case against holder, but likely won't go that far. >> there's no cabinet official that i'm aware of that wants to
5:04 pm
go through the criminal process. or even a civil contempt process. >> reporter: rosenburg says when there's a threat of contempt, usually cabinet officials comply. holder's team has said that the deadline is impossible to meet. when i asked if they would carry through all the way with this let of a contempt of congress charge, one of his aides would not commit, but he did say we wouldn't have laid the ground work if we were not prepared to move forward. >> that murdered agent's family ready to take legal action against the federal government. >> that's right. they have filed a claim, it's not really a full blown lawsuit yet, but they have filed a claim for wrongful death and they mention a sum of $25 million they're seeking in this claim, again not a lawsuit at least not at this point, but they seem to be laying the ground work for that. >> brian todd on capitol hill, that this story the not going away.
5:05 pm
thank you. meanwhile dangerous new signs iran's threat against the united states may be escalating. israeli officials now say iran is developing long range missile capable -- will missilings capable of traveling more than 6,000 miles and striking the united states. but the u.s. military may lack the high tech fire power supposedly needed to stop them. barbara starr has new information. >> the u.s. has plenty of conventional fire power to go after rap right now if it came to that. but they are looking at a suite of new advanced weapons here at the pentagon. the question is, do they work. the potential that iran would develop a nuclear weapon or shut down the strait of hormuz is a red line for the united states. >> i think when we made it clear that that was not acceptable, they tempered their rhetoric. >> we've always made clear that
5:06 pm
in terms of any threats to the region, in terms of some of the behavior that they have 's conducted in the region, that will also be prepared to respond militarily if we have to. >> a military response that increasingly relies on a new generation of weapons, but those are weapon this is trouble. a new fighter jet for navy aircraft carriers in the persian gulf. and a massive air force bomb to pound iran's underground nuclear facilities. all are facing technical problems. the f 35 c is the navy's newest tell stealth fighter. >> it can go in early, it can help defeat those air defenses. so that's really the big again fit that you get with the f-35. >> reporter: the problem, the hook to stop the plane was so badly designed it didn't work. the navy's combat ship is designed to fight undersea
5:07 pm
mines. >> they're still relatively cheap, so the possibility of iran deploying hundreds or maybe even thousands of mines at the strait of hormuz is a problem that you'd have to solve. >> reporter: the maef is devena a laser that could be fired 30 feet down into the water to find the mines. the problem, the laser can't tell the difference between the mine and sea weed. the air force's massive penetrator bomb is designed to attack underground targets like iran's nuclear facilities. the problem here, it urgently needs an upgrade. iran has dug deep are than the bom can reach. >> one thing that strikes me is the iranians know what we're building. and so the question is are we going to be able on stay far enough ahead of the threat that they posed. >> reporter: these are weapons that are not being cut in the wem bun
5:08 pm
budget. the military hopes to be able to put them into operation, but first they have to spend millions of dollars fixing them and hopefully get it all fixed before they need them. >> what's the pentagon doing about that missile that iran may be developing, the one the israelis are talking about capable of going 6,000 miles, hitting the united states? >> iran has talked about it for years. this is the same missile technology that north korea has been working on. it is a very difficult proposition. iran would have to have the advanced guidance technology and control technology to be able to send a missile that distance and anable to target it. certainly a matter of concern, but a sense that iran would have a long way to go on that. the nuclear question presents a much quicker problem for the u.s. >> all right, thank you. the defense secretary's surprise announcement that the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan could end next year triggering
5:09 pm
outrage among some in washington from those charging u.s. security may be at risk. chris lawrence has details. >> reporter: the defense secretary surprised everyone by saying american forces could stop leading combat missions in afghanistan next year. pentagon officials are still trying to explain it saying it's where the u.s. hopes to be and transitioning from combat to training will take time. cia director and former afghanistan commander david petraeus says leon panetta was only stating the obvious. >> obviously somewhere in 2013, you have had to have initiate that had in all of the different location so is that you can complete the remaining task. >> reporter: but critics immediately wondered why panetta would publicly say it will happen in 2013. >> telling friends and enemies today, see, i told you, the americans were leaving. >> if you're this will pakistan and you hear the americans are going to leave yrks would you not help keeping the taliban?
5:10 pm
>> reporter: 90,000 american troops are fighting in afghanistan now. the last of the surge troops, 22,000, will be out by september. the remaining troops will continue to command combat missions until summer 2013 or perhaps the fall when afghan forces would take the lead. that still means soldiers and marines coming to the aid of afghan troops when they get this trouble as they're doing in the few provinces where the afghans already have the lead. a defense official says u.s. troops will still be engaged in some combat through 2013 and, quote, write up to the end in 2014. only 35% of americans polled support the war. but in an interview airing tonight on john king usa, former defense secretary bob gates urged caution. >> we've invested too much in terms of lives and sacrifice and dollars to get too impatient
5:11 pm
just because we're tired. >> reporter: but lost in all this talk of 2013, 2014, has been what the afghan government is looking for. they have actually requested political and military support through 2024 and financial assistance all the way through 2030. at which point we'd be nearly lee decades past the attacks on september 11th. >> all right. thanks, chris lawrence reporting from the pentagon. and it our north american viewers, you can see john king's interview with robert gates at the top of the hour on john king usa. think the florida primary is over is this maybe not necessarily. newt gingrich challenging the rules of the florida primary even though the votes have been counted. and mike am blochael bloomberg the backlash against a leading
5:12 pm
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we have shocking new numbers that show home prices down almost 33% since peaking in the summer of 2006. translation, the value of many americans biggest asset has dropped by a third in just the last five years. the latest s&p case-shiller report shows home prices posted a steep drop in november falling 1.3%. some of the hardest hit cities include chicago, atlanta and detroit. compared to a year ago, home prices are down almost 4%. experts and i th s say home pri still falling despite low interest rates and better than expected gdp growth. they think the prices will continue to drop this year and maybe into next year before finally beginning to stabilize. some suggest prices are down in part because more sellers are willing to accept the weak
5:16 pm
market conditions and thus lower their asking prices. s also playing a role is the increase of sales and properties in foreclosure. look no farther than the state of nevada which is the foreclosure capital of the country. arizona and california also suffer from some of the highest foreclosure rates. meanwhile, the u.s. census bureau says that the nation's home ownership rate has fallen to 66%. that's the lowest in seven years. economists tell "usa today" that while it may be nearing the bomb, the impact will be felt for years. they say especially for people who want to buy a home, they can have difficulty getting financing for a mortgage. so in short, we have a very long way to go before the housing market truly rebounds. here is the question. we'd like to know how have collapsing home prices impacted you? go to file, post a comment on my blog, or go to our post on the situation room's facebook page. wolf. >> jack, thanks very much. the head of the nation's best
5:17 pm
known breast cancer group says tonight the essence of our organization has been lost. susan g.komen for the cure foundation has faced enormous backlash when it announced it was pulling grant funding to planned parenthood. now some members of congress are joining the voices against komen. kate bolduan is standing by here in "the situation room." so what are these members of congress doing, because there is fierce, fierce anger at this organization. >> in part they're answering to that anger. the fallout from the susan g. komen continues. more than two dozen senators penned a letter to the foundation both criticizing the move to cut funding and asking the foundation to reverse its decision. in the letter the senators write it would be tragic if any woman let alone thousands of women lost access to these potentially life saving screenings because of in their words a politically
5:18 pm
motivated attack. now, we spoke with one of the driving forces behind this letter from democratic senators, senator patty murray, a short time ago. >> i've heard from so many women, friends, neighbors, relatives who are saying do what you can to make susan g. komen do what they've always done, which is to fight for all of us. so we're putting pressure on them. that's the only way that we can help them make the right decision. >> and applying pressure may really be the only thing that members of congress can do. according to sources, the komen foundation hasn't received any significant federal funding which would be the teeth behind their anger. >> in that letter, the democrat he can senators say this was a politically motivated attack. what are they referring to? >> a couple things. two parts before planned parenthood first off it is being investigated by house republicans. a committee taking a look at they want to know if the group is using federal money to fund
5:19 pm
abortions. now, democrats charge that investigation in and of itself is politically motivated. of course the house committee says it is not, it is overseat. and the komen foundation in its new rules prohibit grant money going to groups that are under investigation. so when asked if there's any question between the two, the chairman of the house investigation gate difference subcommittee said essentially no. in a statement saying, quote, will investigation of planned parenthood's finances and use of taxpayer's dollars is ongoing and we're working on getting the requested record and documents. and this is the important part, i was not contacted by anyone at the susan g.komen for the cure and this decision was solely up for them. so that's what we're hearing from the chairman of the subcommittee. we should say on this conference call with the foundation with reporters, they adamantly denied that any changes were made specifically with planned
5:20 pm
parenthood in mind. a lot of questions still and a lot of emotion behind this. >> causing a huge amount of emotion. i invited nancy brinker to come here on the situation room oig today. unfortunatel unfortunately, she declined. but hopefully she'll reconsider because there are a lot of questions about what's going on. was this politically motivated as a result of this republican investigation. >> and where do things go from here. >> a lot of concern out there. thanks very much. the new york city mayor michael bloomberg is also piling on defense the kom willem group trying to fill the void. bloomberg says he'll match with a quarter million dollars out of his own pocket. bloomberg says americans should be helping thousands of women who rely on planned participants
5:21 pm
hood f parent hood for health care. republican super pacs are spending big money trying to hammer the president over a failed loan controversy and hit him where it hurts. sxwlools con. >> also donald trump says he wants mitt romney to be hired. >> governor romney, go out and get them. >> we'll take a closer look at trump's surprise endorsement of mitt romney and what it means for his own flirtation with a presidential bid. and prince william's involvement is creating controversy.
5:22 pm
5:23 pm
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in a presidential race full of lots of surprises, donald trump managed to get a t of people off guard including me.
5:26 pm
he endorsed mitt romney. it happened in las vegas just a little while ago, just two days before the nevada caucuses. our national political correspondent jim acosta is on the scene for us. he was there at the endorsement. what led up to all this? >> reporter: in a sign of incredible messaged discipline, this this might have been one of the fastest political endorsement events in recent political history. donald trump does not usually keep things brief, but he did today. >> governor romney, go out and get them. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the donald ventured in to that room to take reporters' questions and i asked what changes things for you because you've been critical of governor romney in the past. and he said that basically it was those debate performance that changed his view on mitt romney and he also broke the
5:27 pm
news that if mitt romney is the republican nominee for president, he will not run as an independent. and then i asked him about all of that at another scrum that donald found himself in the middle of. >> is there any chance you would change your mind about running for president? >> i think what's going to happen is mitt romney is going to get the nomination. and obviously then i wouldn't do anything. >> reporter: now, digging into some of the politics of this, it was reported in the last 24 hours by other news outlets that newt gingrich was going to be getting this enforcement. i asked mitt romney about that. he essentially said it was the gingrich people who were responsible for putting that story out there. i talked to a spokeswoman with a mitt romney campaign and she said that they had heard those reports, knew they were false because they knew will this endorsement was coming in their direction, but already the gingrich campaign trying to spin this in their favor about
5:28 pm
tweeting out some of trump's past statements on mitt romney, one of those that he put out on twitter just a few moments ago was when donald trump said about mitt romney's jobs record as governor, i wasn't in love with the job he did in massachusetts. also the dnc having some fun with this, the chair woman debbie wasserman schultz asked earlier today on twitter who is snooki going to endorse next. and ben la bolt for the obama election campaign says donald trump likes to say you're fired and romney says i like to fire people. >> i spoke in the last hour donald trump. he told me trying to call newt gingrich to explain his decision, made a couple calls, couldn't connect, wasn't sure he left the right now. left a voice mail. says he liked thut beginnigingr
5:29 pm
thinks romney is more electable. all right, jim, thanks very much. donald trump as we say called mitt romney tough, smart and 145r7. but listen to what the star of the apprentice said about romney last spring in an interview with candy crowley. >> mitt romney a basically shawl business guy. he was a fund guy. he walked away with some money from a very good company that he didn't create. he worked there. >> he did create companies, though. >> he closed companies, he'd get rid of jobs. >> candy is here. quite a change of heart from april when you interviewed him until now. he says that was politics. >> i think he's right. how many people could we go back and say this will never happen. dole/bush, that was a huge rivalry. look at the things that
5:30 pm
president obama and hillary clinton, the kinds of things that they exchanged. and the next thing you know, because politics includes somedy low mass somedydy low massey. if you're on the side of the republican, you page horse and he did. donald trump is unpredictable. and has been known to change his mind. but i think he's right that in the course of politics, this kind of stuff happens. >> i was surprised because of the statements he's made to you, me and others but also this whole issue of royalty in loyalty in which newt dwigingri accepted his invitation for the debate and mitt romney declined. i said it's clearly going to be newt because newt gingrich was loyal to him. mitt romney not so much. >> it's funny when somebody said who do you think it is and i said romney. i just thought that their backgrounds were at least similar, everybody hoe donald
5:31 pm
trump doesn't think that much of how many money mitt romney raised. i think also when people start to endorse at this stage of the game, they tend to try to pick the winner because if you're -- if you help -- >> not the $20 billion, but if he decides to write some million dollar checks to the pro romney super pac, that could help dramatically. >> and he can also collect checks from other people. he certainly has inroads to the business community. he can become a bundler. but i spoke with a source inside the romney camp, senior adviser, and i said did you worry about this interest what does trump bring to the table. they said it's not just his financial ties. it's also who was most enamored of donald trump. the source says this is about
5:32 pm
the tea party. the tea part i was very supportive of donald trump. and so they think that he would be willing to maybe do some grass roots events because where is romney the weakest some and he party. so they're actively saeking will kind of endorsement. this endorsement came about yesterday when donald trump called mitt romney and said you're my guy. >> you're hired. >> that's right. >> newt gingrich is contesting the results of the florida primary? >> he is. it's one way of under cutting the 50 delegates that romney came out of florida with. but here's what happened. florida went outside the prescribed calendar of the republican party. so instead of having its 99 delegates, it was punished by national party. it only had 50 delegates. then florida wants to do winner take all. some people said, no, no, some
5:33 pm
of these states said go out of line also have to apportion their results. and that's what newt gingrich is saying. it's a little battle and i think by the time it actually comes up in any form, it will be moot. while the republican candidates fight among themselves, the republican super pacs are declaring war against president obama. a new big money attack ad tries to portray him as a dirty politician. let's go to jessica yellin. >> these ads are by groups that don't have to declare their donors and the spots are designed to try to persuade undecided voters that the president obama of 2012 is not the same candidate who ran promising to change washington in 2008. president obama and solyndra, under fire in another attack ad. >> a big government fiasco, infused with politics at every level. 500 million to solyndra, now bankrupt.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: it's at least the fourth hit on president obama and the administration's investment in the failed green energy company by a republican outside spending group since fall. in november -- >> wealthy donors with ties to solyndra give obama hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: in december -- >> obama gives his supporters at solyndra a $530 million loan. >> reporter: in january -- >> solyndra investors raise campaign money for obama. the government gives solyndra half a billion in taxpayer money. politics as usual. >> reporter: cross roads gps spent $1 million on two of those ads. that's the powerhouse gop group advised by karl rove. the koch brothers backed americans for prosperity spent $8.4 million on the other two. the ads challenge what the president's critics call reckless big government spending. but listen closely and you'll hear another more emotional appeal. >> typical washington.
5:35 pm
typical washington. >> it's not about people. it's politics. >> reporter: it's an attempt to paint the president as part of a corrupt washington swamp. a theme governor romney has picked up on. >> he practices something i call crony capitalism. and it's kind of capitalism, but instead of it being driven by the market and consumers, it's driven by politicians. >> reporter: the attacks prompted the obama campaign to play defense in their first ad of the election. >> ads fact checks say are not tethered to the facts while independent watch dogs called this president's record on ethics unprecedented. president obama kept his plom to toughen ethics rules and strengthen america's energy economy. >> reporter: polling show as majority of americans view the the president as ethical and honest and democratic strategists are adamant that won't change. it's what you call attacking the strength and these republican
5:36 pm
outside groups say they'll keep this up in an effort to try to erode the president's brand as an ethical politician. >> all right, jessica. we're also getting new information in right now about israel's responsible plans to attack iran's nuclear facility. stand by. news coming into the situation room oig. s in life are the real things. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roasted nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit. nature valley trail mix bars. 100% natural. 100% delicious.
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so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? there's breaking news out of the pentagon about the possibility of an israeli attack on iran. let's go to barbara starr. what's going on? >> well, building a nuclear
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
bomb. what do you make of this development that panetta is openly speculating about a potentially imminent israeli strike? >> you have to remember secretary panetta has been openly or the sort pontiff if i.
5:46 pm
he talked about a source in pakistani custody. and if he believes this, if he believes that israel may strike iran this spring, why would you put the iranians on notice and put an ally at risk? it really is stubble itroubling. in terms of the timing about the spring, we know there's been ongoing dialogue, chairman of the joint chiefs was on a recent trip to israel, there is and ongoing exchange of intelligen e intelligence. so if he's saying this, one has to assume he has a credible basis for saying this. and the other thing that will happen is the iaea is preparing to issue another report and what we're hearing is that israel and the united states are expecting that to be another hard hitting very critical report of tehran. so all of this sort of suggests that panetta had a real reason for saying this, it just doesn't
5:47 pm
seem to be a smart thing to do to be willing to signal that unless he's hoping to put pressure on the iranians to step back from their program. but we haven't seen any evidence that that works yet. >> i assume you saw the testimony of the intelligence chiefs up on capitol hill this week including the director of national intelligence suggesting that the u.s. should be prepared for potentially for iranian sponsored terrorist attacks on u.s. soil, that that's a possibility. you heard that this week, fran. >> right. and, look, what that's really a reference to, we have known iran is the largest single state sponsor of terrorism in the world. and has been for decades. because of their financial and arming h ining hezbollah. . we know they acted against our marines in the beirut bombings in the '80s. and against jewish israeli
5:48 pm
targets. the reason i think you heard that reference is because of the recent plots on kill the u.s. ambassador. that really is a change of tactics for the iran begans. so i think that the tip h. intelligence community and law enforcement community now believe that's no longer sort of off the table. for iran to consider launching an attack inside the united states. so he want to be alert and prepared. >> let's not forget what general clapper said, but also what david petraeus told that same congressional committee. he said, and i'm quoting, israel does see this possibility mainly an iranian nuclear weapon as an existential threat to their country and that is important to keep that perspective in mind. strong words from general petrae petraeus, director of the cia.
5:49 pm
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the question this hour, wolf, is how collapsing home prices impacted you. warren writes "not yet knock wood. just keeping my fingers crossed the president and congress don't do anything to screw up this already slow recovery." tom in chico, california writes "my house has lost 30% of its value but property taxes have not gone down at all. state and local services are struggling with the loss of tax revenue. if foreclosed properties are bank owned, why don't the banks pate property taxes they owe on these empty houses? that expense would be an incentive to get the banks to sell them sooner and would get some relief to the taxpayers." nolan writes "since i'm neither selling nor buying the market doesn't worry me much. i don't even know how much my house is worth anymore, and i don't want to know. i prefer to live in ignorant bliss." carol writes "we live in cape
5:53 pm
coral, florida. don't ask. we're holding on tight. many, many of our neighbors gone. impact? this is a living nightmare." paula writes "prices here have declined since 2007 but my house is still worth more than it cost to build and i'm not underwater. eventually the housing market will heal and prices will start to climb again. in most cases people who did it the right way with a substantial down payment and mortgages to fit their budget will come through this debacle with very little pain. but there is no sympathy here who thought they could buy a million dollar house on a blue-collar salary. common sense. michael says "one bathroom shared by two females. hell by any definition." if you want to see more go to file or the situation room on facebook. here's the question. why does this dog wear cucumbers, sweet tarts, even
5:54 pm
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beautiful shot of washington, d.c., the washington monument. beautiful picture of the nation's capitol. this story gives new meaning to the phrase "good dog." >> reporter: if a dog's heart is to his stomach why is this dog wearing this on his head? tiger is not most dogs. she's the subject of a blog called "food on my dog." from a sunnyside egg to a taco to a chocolate-grazed doughnut with sprinkles, tiger stares
5:58 pm
ahead impassively whether it be spam in a can or pepperoni on her snout. tiger doesn't get crabby even when she's crowned with king crab legs. her owner demonstrates his technique with leaves of lettuce. okay. lettuce is probably less tempting than say a hot dog. still, tiger's restraint is impressive. >> the most commonly asked question seems to be, does tiger get to eat what's on her head after? the answer is yes when it's something dog friendly. a replacement treat if it's not. tiger wears ham like a veil. but we discovered ham, even on a dog named sushi, is relatively easy. >> ham on your head. >> reporter: to slip on an unsuspecting head. >> that's called distraction. good boy! good dog! yeah. what a good boy! but tiger even wears pizza as if it's a beret. when we tried pizza on sushi,
5:59 pm
she tried to lick it and tolerated wearing it only reluctantly. >> good girl. >> reporter: the food on my dog blog reminds us of another internet phenomenon from last year, the dog that balanced treats on his head. we saw him balance as many as 36 treats, barely moving a muscle until he got the order to release. and no, he wasn't allowed to eat them all. >> stay. head down. >> reporter: he even balanced while on his back. sort of makes the latest craze called "breading cats" seem like child's play. multigrain and wheat really seem to bring out their eyes. now that food on my dog has gone viral, fans want to know if tiger takes requests. request bacon? she took it. her favorite snack is craft singles. they've gone to her head. what makes this dog so irresistible is her ability to


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